chouette torréfacteur laboratoire


Pour warmth

Into the heart


If you ever feel a bit down, depressed, or tired in your daily life, please rely on us.

We respect the producers and the coffee they deliver, as well as the passion of the roasters and baristas who face their work with sincerity.

We hope that through your coffee experience, you can spend “happy,” heartwarming moments.

Coffee has the power to change your mood and provide the energy to start something new.

We believe in the power of coffee. It can enrich your life and lead you to a better future.

chouette torréfacteur laboratoire
Owner, Kenji Takayama



chouette torréfacteur laboratoire provides coffee experiences that connect people.



Breaking free from conventions, Facing people and materials with sincerity, Creating value by living in harmony with nature.



A Cup That Weaves Hearts Together

The coffee beans delivered by the producers carry their lives, histories, and passion for production. We face these materials sincerely and deliver “happiness” through the best coffee experience to our customers. We want you to feel something profound. This embodies our wish. We aim for a future where connections through coffee are felt, created, and sustained.



Creating a New Standard

We will not be satisfied with the status quo and will continue to challenge ourselves for better results.



Delivering the Highest Value

To meet our customers’ needs, we understand the state of the coffee, cooperate with each other, and lead to the best coffee experience.



Respect and Gratitude for Life

We appreciate the life we receive from the materials and aim to provide coffee that overflows with vitality, surpassing the concept of deliciousness, and giving back to nature and society through all processes until it reaches the customer.



Pouring Warmth Into the Heart

This is an analogy of our philosophy to the relationship between coffee and the cup.



Coffee Experiences That Connect People

Coffee has become a familiar presence in our lives.

We live in an era where specialty coffee is ubiquitous, and it’s easy to take out from coffee stands or convenience stores.

More natural, Warmer, Stimulating the senses more, Feeling each other more.

We strive to create such an environment.

As long as you are connected with our coffee, you are never alone.